Project Dstllry launched an entirely new product Skew for Cooler Cleanse in 2012, a program called “Juice for a Day.” Dstllry was responsible for the thinking behind the campaign and its slogan, which sets out to make juicing an accessible and friendly prospect for the average individual. Cooler Cleanse already had a healthy consumer demographic,…

Bradley V. Myers

Founder/Executive Producer Standing an impressive 73-inches tall, Bradley Myers is a force to be reckoned with. Transplanted from his beloved Jersey Shore (the place, not the show), the award-winning producer and editor has taken Manhattan media by storm … and not in an unpleasant Sandy kinda way. His impressive landscape of accomplishments across platforms has…

Sanford Livingston

Music Director Sanford has spent his entire life in music. Growing up playing the cello, he then went on to study at the Berkley College of Music and New York University. His early successes were mostly in composition, working on such acclaimed films as Jesus Camp and Favela Rising. Today he continues to develop his composition…


Orbit gum has always been perceived by the consumer as having a “reto-forward” style with a distinct look and feel from other brands in the category. This stylish approach will continue via a repackaging effort that focuses more on design vs. branding. Our task was to curate artist to Orbit and produce the packs.

Colour Collective

Company Description: Colour Collective is a full-service, turnkey beauty brand and product development agency. Project Brief: Create a non-traditional sizzle reel, inspired by the fashion and beauty world that is a true blend of both technique and artistry; the core of the Colour Collective’s philosophy. Experience: “Working with Dstllry to produce our brand video was…

Claudio Reyna Foundation

Dstllry Executive Producer Bradley Myers was asked to produce a PR video for the Claudio Reyna Foundation to raise awareness and support fundraising. Claudio was an international footballer, Captain of the US national team, a 4-time World Cup team member and a 2-time Olympian.

Baseball Discovered

Dstllry Executive Producer Bradley Myers associate produced a Hall of Fame film festival winner, a feature length documentary film “Baseball Discovered”. “Baseball Discovered” uncovers a diary in Europe that pre-dates the supposed invention of baseball in the United States.