Colour Collective

Company Description:
Colour Collective is a full-service, turnkey beauty brand and product development agency.

Project Brief:

Create a non-traditional sizzle reel, inspired by the fashion and beauty world that is a true blend of both technique and artistry; the core of the Colour Collective’s philosophy.


“Working with Dstllry to produce our brand video was an exceptional experience. As a creative agency ourselves, we truly understand the gap between a concept and its execution. Dstllry’s technical and creative capabilities, coupled with a “do what it takes” attitude are the essentials in bringing a project to fruition. To us, they are more than just another agency on the block, but rather a valued partner we will continue to work with not only on our own brand materials, but with our clients’ as well.”

Renee Cascarina
Colour Collective
Partner, Creative Director