Project Dstllry launched an entirely new product Skew for Cooler Cleanse in 2012, a program called “Juice for a Day.” Dstllry was responsible for the thinking behind the campaign and its slogan, which sets out to make juicing an accessible and friendly prospect for the average individual. Cooler Cleanse already had a healthy consumer demographic, but Dstllry saw the opportunity to substantially broaden this consumer base, by allowing potentially customers to opt in for a 1 day juice cleanse. Enticing people to do something good for their body, “Juice for a Day,” seeks to attract those that would never commit to the standard 3 or 5 day cleanse programs that Cooler Cleanse, and other juice brands offer. Dstllry went about designing the product mark for Juice for a Day, as well as the 360 campaign.